Fire Extinguisher

ABC Type Fire Extinguisher

We are ABC type fire extinguisher manufacturers in Bangalore. ABC fire Extinguishers are very versatile. They are often the best selection being that they're able to put out many alternative kinds of fires. They use monoammonium phosphate that may be a dry chemical that's able to quickly put out the fireplace. it's a straw powder that's able to place out all 3 classes of fire; class A for trash, wood and paper, class B for liquids and gases, and class C for energized electrical sources. The dry chemical smothers the fireplace.

  • Stored Pressure
  • Top Notch Pressure Gauge
  • Durable High Gloss Powder Coating
  • Brass Valve chrome plated heavy duty
  • Confirming IS Code 15683
  • Charged Pressure 15
  • ISI Certified.
ABC Fire Extinguisher